About Us
The Gemini Professional Services Ltd. was established in 1991 in Bangalore advising both international and domestic business owners and entrepreneurs in promoting their business ambition. We have our offices in Bangalore, New Delhi and London where Gemini Professional services Ltd employs qualified, dedicated and client-friendly personnel in carrying out our job.

Why Gemini

We provide services on the philosophy of creating a “win-win” situation with the clients. Our team of well-oriented professionals is segmented on a case-to-case basis in catering to the specific needs of the clientele to provide tailor-made, hassle-free and most transparent services in a mutually acceptable environment. We cherish and value the trust and faith they repose in us and it has been possible because of the time-tested client-friendly atmosphere created by us for the last 17 years. We are determined to maintain the image in the years to come with complete reliability, confidentiality, and giving our clients value for money in the services we provide. We ensure that there are no flaws and hidden policies involved in our processes. Our values of both moral and ethical have been a pace setter in our growth.

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