Advisory Services
Corporate Finance

We act as lead advisors on project finance transactions, advising developers on structuring, negotiating terms, preparing bids and raising finance for infrastructure projects. We also advise government and other project sponsors on attracting developers to finance for infrastructure projects.

Raising finance to fund expansion plans means examining a wide range of issues and answering a complex set of questions. Capital markets are a challenging environment, and selecting the right structure requires considerable insight and experience.

Companies may seek valuations for a variety of reasons, be it for commercial, corporate governance, regulatory or tax reasons or because they want to know the value of an asset to take business decisions or investment appraisal.

We have categorized our work under Corporate Finance into following
  • Mergers and Acquisitions take-over advice
  • Valuations & Due Diligence
  • Project finance, public private partnerships and the private finance initiative
  • Joint Ventures & Collaboration
Corporate Strategy & Management Consulting

Successful companies build financial strength on a cohesive and well-managed operational platform. As an organization grows and when it becomes big, its business processes, systems, and infrastructure may go unwieldy to manage. They may even hinder efficiencies and financial performance.

A company crisis or a downturn in a sector requires rapid response to limit damage and restore confidence. Companies may need more sustained attention to a growing cost base to ensure the right value and return on investment. This can involve substantial restructuring of the whole company or the need to focus on reorganizing one business or function, such as finance.

Structuring/ Restructuring

(Setting up, Incorporation & Winding up/liquidation- Corporate & Business)
Management need to ensure that their business is robust, durable and in a position to make the most potential opportunities for growth in today's challenging economic climate. Increased regulation, volatile markets and growing stakeholder demands are all adding to the pressures of a highly competitive market place.

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